This person is also extremely active with their ‘Greenridge Make a Wish Dream Team.  He spends many hours representing their local office in this program as the representative.But throughout everything, having the time or not, he makes the time to help whenever and wherever he’s needed.  He cares deeply about this industry and this Association and represents both very well.

Mike Satterlee


In the last few years (and maybe even longer) this person as been a strong advocator for not only his client’s property rights, but also of the Association.  After a little prodding ‘back in the day’ to get him involved, but once soon he was hooked on giving back and supporting the industry in whatever ways he could.  Being a very active REALTOR in business, and a full time farmer, he still makes the time to serve his REALTOR members through Association leadership.  Sometimes he may grumble a bit, but he still does the job at hand.


Mike Satterlee, Greenridge Realty

Office: (616) 225-2175 
Cell: (989) 330-0325 
Direct: (616) 225-2888



REALTOR® OF THE YEAR AWARD: The REALTOR® of the Year Award is the highest honor an Association can award to a member.  Nominees for this award should have a high level of participation in the Local Association as well as the State and/or National Associations;  A strong commitment to both personal and professional development and growth through continued education, Association committee and/or community service; Dedication to the growth and advancement of the industry; and other business accomplishments.  The recipient of this award also serves as a nomination to the State and National Association’s REALTOR® of the Year Awards.