REALTOR®? Don't you mean Real Estate Agent?

The understanding that a REALTOR® is just a ‘glorified’ real estate agent with a fancy name is a myth that our Association and Associations around the country, are trying to remedy. Anyone that passes the Michigan real estate licensing exam is a real estate agent and is permitted to provide listing and buying services (and more) to consumer locating to or within the state of Michigan.  REALTORS® take their minimum licensing requirement further by adhering to a very specific Code of Ethics that benefits and protects you!  Learn more about the Code of Ethics HERE.

REALTORS® are consumer advocates who will fight for consumers’ real estate dreams and rights.  They are also your competitive advantage in the transaction processes that understand and have insights into local markets via experience and many other resources that reach further than a simple online search.  In short, REALTORS® are your partners in selling and purchasing various properties.

REALTOR® members with the Montcalm County Association of REALTORS® are all of the above and more!  Via Association offerings of a far reaching MLS access, continued education opportunities, networking opportunities, and volunteering in Montcalm County (and beyond), MCAR members are prepared to professionally and reliably, represent buyers and sellers.

Speaking of having a far reaching MLS access; What does that mean anyway?  Included in their membership benefits, MCAR members have the unique ability to access various MLS’s across almost the entire state of Michigan.  What this means for you is that if you’re selling a property listed by one of our members, other REALTORS® from around the state have the ability to view your property in our home database, and your MCAR REALTOR® can view data from those outside MLS’s.  This reciprocal ‘eyes in’ approach means potentially having more eyes seeing your listing and having more options for viewing more in depth data (past a simple web search). 

FOR EXAMPLE: If you’re wanting to locate to Upper Peninsula for example, MCAR members can access MLS data in those areas to aid in finding you the home of your dreams and vice versa (again, more in depth information than a simple web search).  Those other REALTORS® representing potential buyers wanting to locate to Montcalm County from the UP for example, can access our home MLS to find their home of their dreams (maybe the home you have listed for sale by chance?).
This highly valuable member benefit is a WIN-WIN for you, their valued client!