Times get a bit crazy, especially with a fast market, I get it, but it's important to make sure you have the best understanding of tools and resources that may be able to SAVE you some time or things that may just make this crazy life a bit less crazy (is that a thing?).  In case you missed the various webinars about MCAR's new member benefit, ShowingTime for the MLS, they recorded it so you can watch it at your availability- BUT- I caution you to make a bit of time to watch it sooner rather 

ShowingTime Support

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than later as MANY of the MICHRIC Associations are going to this product so it'd be helpful for you to know sooner rather than later, how to best use it.  Maybe a lunch break viewing?


Please also remember that you will have access to the Help and Training section in ShowingTime (1) where they can search for any topic (2) and access all our training videos and step-by-step written tutorials.  You also have the capabilities to do a Live Chat with one of ShowingTIme's technicians.  Or hey, you could even shoot them an email or pick up the phone and give them a ring!   While I can try to be of assistance if you're experiencing problems, they (ShowingTime) are the EXPERTS on their product.